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Why should I go to a Mortgage Broker?

Your time is precious, and having to shop for your own mortgage from bank to bank can

not only take a significant amount of your time, but can also be very daunting given

the wide variety of mortgage products in the market place. In addition, most people

don't know all the right questions to ask and answers to give.

For instance, each day, Mortgage Brokers receive and see all the lowest discounted interest rates on offer from each and every Lender in the Market place, including ALL the major Canadian Banks.Do you receive the same?

When a client tries to negotiate with their own bank by themselves they are at a disadvantage, as they do not know what the best rates are, and or which mortgage products to go for.

Therefore it's easy for their bank to hustle them into a mortgage product with a low attractive interest rate, and do so without fully explaining to them the terms and conditions of the product, which will cost them thousands of dollars extra over the life of the mortgage.

The Banks are in business to make money, and they will do so on your back and hard earned dollars if you try to go it alone.

The lowest mortgage rates are NOT necessarily what saves you money in every mortgage product, and to know this, you need a Professional Mortgage Broker in your corner presenting your application to the correct lender firstly, for the correct mortgage product to either the Bank or some other institutional mortgage lender.

Mortgage Brokers are NOT employees of the banks or lending institutions, so therefore they are not limited to the Mortgage Products they can offer, unlike your Bank where they can only offer you their limited mortgage products with inferior terms compared to the Mortgage Products offered through your Mortgage Broker.

Choosing the wrong mortgage product can cost you thousands of extra dollars.

Because Mortgage Brokers represent you, the borrower, they have the resources

and time to shop the mortgage market for the best rates and terms.

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