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605 Brock Street N, Unit 12 Whitby, Ontario L1N8R2

a little about me...

I understand my business, and in that understanding I know not all of my clients are the same and not all have been lucky enough to keep their once perfect credit intact, especially in these challenging times.

So, to ensure I can assist all of my clients, I have taken steps to partner with Lenders who can provide funds to assist my clients that have unique challenging financial situations.

I assist clients on a daily basis with the following challenges in front of them;

Past or Current Credit problems

Low Credit Score

Self Employed

Past Bankruptcy

Consumer Proposal

House in Power of Sale

Mortgage Arrears

Property Tax Arrears

Income Tax Arrears

by providing them with the correct Mortgage products so I can help them put these challenges behind them.

To learn more about what I can do for you, click here.

a little more about me...

Sean joined the Mortgage Industry shortly after arriving in Canada from Ireland in 1991, first starting out with a leading International Financial Services Company as a Loans and Mortgage officer... read more.

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